Cheecha’s Giving

Our mission is to help communities stay healthier and stronger by creating access to affordable fresh and healthy food. To help meet this goal, we are very proud to work with some of the outstanding nonprofit organizations.

The mission of the American Heart Association is to build healthier lives free from cardiovascular diseases and stroke. As the No. 1 killer in the U.S. and even the world, cardiovascular diseases impact millions of families, friends and loved ones. The AHA funds innovative research, fights for stronger public health policies, and provides critical tools and information to save and improve lives.

For each Cheecha’s Powerhouse premium salad sold, we will make a five-cent donation to AHA. We understand that AHA is doing an outstanding job to build healthier lives, and we are very proud to help them in their mission.


The American Childhood Cancer Organization (ACCO) is one of the nation’s largest grassroots organizations at the forefront of supporting families in the crucial battle against childhood cancer. They are dedicated to improving the lives of children living with childhood cancer or its long-term impacts, and to offering critical advice, support, and information to families engaged in this life-altering struggle. ACCO offers essential programs and services designed to address the critical needs that families facing this dreaded diagnosis encounter every day. ACCO is committed to serving the nation-wide community until the day when no child dies and no child is left with life-long effects from this devastating disease.

OFFICIAL GO GOLD LOGO- CMYK 2014 without blue stroke


Like other forms of cancer, childhood cancer has an international symbol, the gold ribbon. This is an easily-recognizable symbol to unite under, if people know what it means. Sadly, when asked, most people would not be able to identify the gold ribbon as the symbol for childhood cancer awareness. In 1997, a group of parents started discussing the creation of a universal awareness ribbon for children with cancer. Many colors were considered, but after much thought, it was decided that the color gold was the perfect choice for our cause. Gold is a precious metal, and our children are precious. Go Gold is a way that any school or workplace can join in the fight to beat childhood cancer and provide HOPE to those who need it most. Organize a Go Gold fundraising event and help raise awareness of this important symbol. Each event creates awareness of childhood cancer issues, creates supportive communities for local families who are dealing with childhood cancer, and raises funds to provide information and support materials for children currently fighting cancer.

For each signature Chicken Kabob meal sold, we will make a five-cent donation to ACCO. We feel that this fine organization is doing an excellent job for all children suffering from cancer, and we are very pleased to support them in their mission.

Go Gold, Go Fresh, for a Healthy Tomorrow!



In addition, we proudly help several local nonprofit organizations fight against hunger and natural disasters such as floods and storms around the world.